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Acting classes for children Theatre Coquette dedicates a full class for talented children and their needs. Children are always eager to play, but somehow, nowadays they don't get to do this as much as we did at their age. Even if your kid is sometimes a bit shy, or always wants to have the whole attention, he or she needs to express himself or herself through games and play. Playfulness is a special feature for children. If we discover it and develop it during childhood it may reveal a great talent or a great personality later. Why encourage your kid to take acting classes: - it helps overcome shyness and helps promote self esteem ( the child will always be encouraged to express his feelings, any observations will only be made in positive terms) - learns to relate in a helpful manner with people around him - learns how to understand himself and the others - discovers and develops qualities like imagination, creativity, relaxation, memory, etc) - learns to communicate his feelings and thoughts - learns to value truth and honesty, to appreciate the deeds of others - learns to think outside the box and to solve situations suitable to his age - learns to focus and develop his attention - it is a process of creative self development that is very fun and useful The class lasts for two months. The children will perform a play suitable to their age at the end of the class and , you , parent, will be able to seeyou child open up and unleash his creativity. The group consists of 10 children, so every one of them can get the attention needed. The cost is 480 ron and there is a bonus - a drawing work-shop for the child.
For details and applications please call (0754)990 017, (0727)601 170 or e-mail at